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Sioux Falls Cheer

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Airborne Cheer Elite, LLC
Champion Legacy Cheer and Dance All-Stars
Dakota Spirit, LLC
Star Performance Complex
Titan Cheer


Sioux Falls Cheer

Airborne Cheer Elite, LLC
Jason Fitzler 605-553-4835
Location: All American Gymnastics Academy 3009 S. Phillips Ave

At Airborne Cheer Elite we help children and teens realize and soar to their full potential. Through a safe and innovative environment, we teach the importance of responsibility, discipline, time management, and respect. We believe this instills strong leadership, athleticism, and social skills needed to succeed in cheer as well as in life. Whether it is through one of our recreational classes or one of our award winning competitive Cheer teams, we teach each individual the importance of being a team player as well as finding their own individual potential. Teams: Eagles (AGE 18 and under) Level 3-4. The Airborne Cheer Elite "Eagles" is our Senior level 3 team. Eagles train twice a week for two hours and attend a hour tumbling class. This team competes in 6-8 competitions. All competitions are required and some will require travel. Hawks (age 18 and under) The Hawks is our Senior Level 2 team. Hawks attend 2 practices a week for 2 hours and attend a tumbling class. Falcons (age 11 and under) The Airborne Cheer Elite "Falcons" is our Junior team. Falcons team members train twice a week for two hours and attend an hour tumbling class. This team competes in local competitions as well as some requiring travel.


Sioux Falls Cheer

Champion Legacy Cheer and Dance All-Stars
(605) 271-2232
6101 S. Charger Ave.

“Building Champions for Life!” It’s more than just a slogan. It’s our mission. Through dance and cheerleading, we prepare children for a lifetime of success. Not only do we teach the necessary skills to succeed in the cheer and dance world; we teach responsibility, social skills, and time management. Our students have a strong sense of self-worth and believe that anything is attainable through hard work and perseverance. Superstars- (5 and Under, Tiny) Designed as a competitive cheer team for preschool and kindergarteners. No travel required. Superstars will learn and compete one cheer routine and focus on skill building, proper technique, memorization, teamwork and fun! Tumbling included. 2 evenings a week. Dream Team- (8 & Under) The Dream Team curriculum focuses on further developing core skills such as stunting, jumps, motions, and tumbling. 2 evenings a week. Majestic Cheer- Elementary age (9-11) cheer team designed to introduce your child to competitive cheer without the travel commitment. It is a great recreational level cheer team with emphasis on further developing cheer skills such as stunts, jumps, and tumbling. 3 evenings a week. Dynasty Cheer- our competitive cheer team primarily for middle school age students (some exceptions). Dynasty competes locally, regionally and will travel to one major national competition. Practices held three times weekly. Legends & Supremacy Cheer- are our two advanced level competitive cheer teams for primarily high school students. Younger students with the required advanced level skills and high commitment level can be invited by coaches to compete on Legends. Practice held at least three times weekly.

Sioux Falls Cheer 

Dakota Spirit, LLC details:
(605) 373-0414
3910 W 59th St

Dakota Spirit is recognized as one of the top competitive cheerleading programs in the region. The program has received many national, regional, and state awards including national awards for community service, coach of the year, sportsmanship and competition. Dakota Spirit teams and classes promote spiritual, physical and mental development while building self-confidence, good character, and commitment in youth. The program has grown to 18 teams, a variety of classes for all ages, and a full scale program of camps, clinics & chorography services. What makes Dakota Spirit different from the rest is the Christ centered environment. Teams: Choose a CHEER TEAM that is right for you! DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE TEAMS (D-League): Entry level teams that are low cost, minimal time commitment, non competitive, only 5-6 performance events, team time, cheer basics, self confidence building. Teams: Sparklers: Adaptive team, ages 6 and up, Embers: Preschool team, ages 3-5, Firecrackers: Youth team, ages 5-12, Dazzle: Youth team, ages 5-12. RECREATIONAL LEAGUE TEAMS (Rec League): These popular “REC” teams focus on skills development, fun & competition. The season (Aug-Mar) includes a weekly practice, a variety of local performances, 6-8 area competitions & a fun choreography clinic. Teams: Sparks: Kindergarten, Heat: 1st-3rd grade, Intensity 1st-3rd grade, Hot Shots: 4th-6th grade. REC PLUS LEAGUE: Teams for experienced students with the aptitude and readiness for more advanced training but who are not yet ready for an all star team. Teams will compete November-March in area competitions and two regional events, including one weekend trip. Teams: Flame ages: 11 and under, Inferno ages: 14 and under. ALL STAR LEAGUE: Nationally recognized teams for athletes that are looking for the ultimate cheerleading experience,excitement, travel & a physical challenge! 1-2 practices per week plus 1 tumbling class. 8-9 competitions per season including local, regional & national events. All events are required.
Teams: Atomic: 11 yrs & under -Youth Level 1, Fusion: 11 yrs & under - Youth Level 2, Blaze: 11 yrs & under - Youth Level 3, Fury: 14 yrs & under - Junior, Level 3, Enfuego: 14 yrs & under - Junior Level 4, Xplosion: 18 years & under - Senior Level 3, Magnum: 18 yrs & under - Senior Level 4, Ignite: 18 yrs & under - Senior Level 5.


Sioux Falls Cheer

Star Performance Complex details:
(605) 362-7827
2517 S. Shirley Ave

Come join the team with class, strength, skills, spirit, and doesn’t break the bank. Our cheer teams will practice year round to perform at some FUN community activities, competitions, parades, recitals, etc. - Ages 3 & up. There are teams for all ages, abilities, & time commitments. Cheer teams are part of the unlimited family membership. Teams available: Cheer **Fun**damentals: Ages 3-8 yrs old. Learn cheer basics, stunts, movements, tumbling. Perform in the spring show. 1 day a week. Cheer **Fun**damentals: Ages 5-12 yrs old. Expand on cheer jumps, stunts, movements, tumbling. Perform in the spring show. 1 day a week. Teeny Stars: 3-4 year olds, practice 1 time a week, compete locally 5-6 times a year (Nov-March) and do local performances year round. Tiny Stars: 4-5 year olds, practice 1 time a week, compete locally 5-6 times a year (Nov-March) and do local performances year round. Mini Stars: 6-8 year olds, practice 1 time a week+ 1 tumbling or gymnastics class each week., compete locally 5-6 times a year (Nov-March) and do local performances year round. Elite Stars: 9-12 year olds, practice 2 times a week, compete locally 4-5 times a year & 1 travel competition (Nov-March) and do local performances year round.

Sioux Falls Cheer

Titan Cheer Details:
(605) 254-3753
north of Tea

Titan Cheer is a Christian Cheer Team formed in 2003. Titan Cheer promotes teamwork, self esteem and Christian fellowship through cheerleading. We offer something for everyone--competitive cheer, recreational competitive cheer, non-competitive cheer and tumble classes! All our coaches are USASF certified. Our practice facility is located north of Tea, SD. (just 2 miles south of Sioux Falls on I-29 and the Tea Exit or 2 miles south of 57th Street on the Tea Ellis Road.) Our facility has a 42' x 42' spring floor, above ground tramp/pit and specialized training mats.


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