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The key to saving the most is always combing a coupon with a store sale or promotion.


Sign up to be on mailing lists, emails or texts to get free coupons and discounts sent to you.  Check with your local stores - or look on line at the company website on how to sign up. 

Sometime you can use a store specific coupon and a manufacture coupon at same time.

Some businesses have customer / loyalty cards that you get a certain percent off every time you shop. You can also load coupons on some of them before you go shopping.

Some businesses have reward cards that you earn points towards future discounts.

Look at a companies website and face book page for coupons before shopping.

Don't buy out of need - Buy when it is on sale and store it for when you need it.

Most items have a sale cycle of every three to four months so you only need to buy enough for that amount of time.

Be sure to understand a stores coupon policy beforehand and always ask if you have questions.

The number one mistake couponers make is to not have enough coupons on hand.  So be sure to save up your coupons and wait for those sales.



Here are some sites to find local coupons and deals.

Local Best
Party land


Sioux Falls Coupon


Master couponer Tiffany Ivanovsky's, who was featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing. has created a wonderful blog that will save you both time and money.

Check it out: This site will show you what store deals are each week and where to find the coupon to match the sale. It also has helpful coupon tips, recipes, and so much more.


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